Golden Villas

Golden Villas are located at the intersection of Söke-Davutlar Road. These villas are only 7 pieces and has specially built for 41. Anniversary of Şengel İnşaat. Long Beach, the beach houses and shopping centers are at a distance of 5 minutes; 7 minutes from the center of Kuşadası and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport 90 miles away from the villas.

Şengel İnşaat in Turkey aimed at innovating, has used latest Nano Technoloji in the internal structure of Golden Villas. The characteristics of NANO Technology, is antibacterial, remain definetly unstained as not to hold water and steam, dirt, rust, scale, dust, feathers, etc. applied to objects such as places of shelter is not experiencing any problems due to absence.

Besides, Şengel İnşaat also handles the first time in Turkey, faucets and bathroom accessories were covered with their 24-carat-gold-certified. Nano-technology and gold-plated 3+1 dublex villas has a large internal structure, approximately 400 square meters with private spacious garden and has a list of locations as follows;

-Swimming pool
-Natural travertine floors in living room
-Rooms with laminated flooring 
-Satin interior paint plaster 
-Silicon grain exterior paint 
-Kitchen with furniture 
-Tempered glass shower cabin 
-Hilton bathroom cabinet
-Air conditioning heating cooling system
-Central satellite antenna