• About Us

  • Our History

    Şengel Construction the foundation of which was laid down by Mehmet Şengel and Sabri Şengel in 1969, has shown a parallel development with the progress attempts of the young republic. In the important projects of infrastructure and superstructure investments, required by the country, there is the signature of Şengel Construction.

    The company realized an important attempt for the period she was in by moving the principal office to Ankara in 1982. Later on the contemporary developments in the sector directed Şengel Construction to construction works of buildings. Collective housing, and business centers are added to her services. During the crisis terms in our country, the company became one of the limited in number of companies that succeeded in continuing growth based on her equity.

    At the beginning of the new millennium Şengel Construction that attempted to look for cooperation in international field under the leadership of the second generation, continues to develop projects in the west of our country as an area of priority with important actors in the sector.

    Core Values

    Our Mission: To provide professional services by combining our novelty perception in every field of construction sector with our systematic studies, knowledge, experience and capabilities.

    Our Values; Focused On Our Customers: We are working as the preferred partner of our customers to present services more than expectations, to gain confidence and to be in cooperation.

    Our honesty and reliability: We complete our responsibilities in time and with all details as we promised and with our effective project management and team studies, we aim to provide advantages for our customers.

    Our Studies; In order to work with the best and by giving importance to the training, we continuously invest on our employees. We offer a fair, respectful, secure and supported working environment.

    Our Aim of Development: By following-up latest technologies for the development of the sector through a carefully planned growth, we assume leadership task. We give importance to develop solutions by using our experience and form valuable results.

    Our sharing: We give importance to share the profit in all the works we perform.

    Our Novelty: With our approach, open to new thoughts, we give the greatest value to creativeness. We support producing new ideas and forming positive changes.